Monday, August 1, 2016

WEEK 48 Transfer to get my son-if an angel appears-love my mission-Crown of Thorns hike

Bonjour! Another great week.

So transfers are this week! So not a whole lot going on with the area this week. Elder Nelson left this last Friday. The week was mostly full of him saying his goodbyes and then he left and Elder Monsen and I were left here. So Elder Monsen and I have been working together and we have been working both areas, which has been difficult as the areas are huge! But we managed.

Highlight of the week was the lesson with Vololona. Her and her husband are recent converts and her husband, Oni is the second counselor. They are seriously the best. We stopped by and shared a spiritual thought with them yesterday. We talked about Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Shared 1 Nephi 11:2-3. When the angel appeared to him and asked him what he desires. He then answers saying he desires to see the things his father saw. He desired to gain more knowledge. We then asked them if an angel appeared to them, what would they ask. Oni said he would ask the angel what makes him imperfect. What things could he changed in his life to become a better person. Then Vololona said she wanted to see Christ. She kind of cheated but she said she would ask for Christ to appear to her so she could ask more questions haha. But she said she just wants to spend some time with the Savior. Monsen looked at me and said wow thats way  better than what I would have asked for. But we continued to talk with them and we talked about prayer and that they could receive these things through prayer and scripture study. Maybe they won't receive the answer they are expecting but they can receive the answer in the way they need. Awesome lesson with them.

Well this week we will be heading up to Tana to get our new companions, our sons! Elder Monsen and I are training and we are so exited! We are going to be fathers as they say. But I'll be picking up my son this Wednesday or Thursday and returning Friday or Saturday. Very exited!

Absolutely loving the mission right now. God really is answering prayers everyday and he really is guiding us in what to do and what to say. I love this area and I love my mission. I hope everyone has a great week! Also here are some pictures of the hike we took last week up to the huge statue of Mary and the Crown of Thorns

Elder Bowen

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