Monday, September 12, 2016

WEEK 54 September 12, 2016 Akory! - Baptism - Love my mission!

Another great week here in Paradise. So yes this week we had a baptism! Anitah got baptised this last Saturday and confirmed on Sunday, and all is well. She is doing great!
This week we had something come up suddenly. Last Monday we got a call from the APs that Elder Snow and Elder Wilson both were needed to get on a bus the following Tuesday and head up to Tana to take care of Visa stuff. So they took off and Elder Monsen and I were on splits for a couple days. Tuesday through Thursday I went on splits with members help. I took Angelo with me and we went and worked, but not a whole lot happened. Angelo was wayyyy late so by the time we got out to our times the people were either gone or working. But, we helped them work a little so it turned out to be a good time of service projects. Then Elder Snow came back and the program resumed.
So update on investigators!!!!!

Roger continues to be an absolute stallion. We are currently teaching the Gospel to him right now and when we went last time, he had a lot of questions, but his main one was "what is Faith?" So we ended up teaching him faith, exactly as planned haha. He did make it to church this week, so he continues to be awesome.

Christian showed up! We found him but sadly he dogged us on our time. I found him on the street hanging out with his brothers. His brothers are way cool dudes and as I was talking to Christian they were backing up everything I was saying, telling him this would change his life. But sadly after that he didn't show up to both of his teaching appointments and he didn't show up to church, so we will be searching for him this week.

We are still waiting for Noriana to get her papers done and we are trying to get the branch to help her with that. She keeps attending church and the lessons keep going great.

So this week we were going up to teach the father of one of our recent converts and sadly when we showed up he wasn't there. We talked to his daughter, the sister to our recent convert, and apparently she learned before from the missionaries and she asked if she could keep learning. So we went in and sat down and talked for a bit and I guess that she used to learn before and she even attended church and everything but then vacation came and she got a little busy. She came to us asking if she could learn again and she remembers everything way well but we reviewed a little with her and taught her a lesson about faith. I was teaching with Adonis at that time and he commited her to come to church this next week, so hopefully she will make it this next Sunday.

That's about it for this week though. We should have an awesome week ahead with some newer investigators. I love this church and I love this mission. I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Bowen
Special Baptism! with Elder Snow and Angelo

Year mark shirt burning!

My boy Kevin



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