Monday, September 19, 2016

WEEK 55 Tsy Atakaloka-teaching at Tasty Cook, lots of work to do

Another Great week!
So this week went by way quick! Sadly we were slowed down a little bit by being sick but we were not stopped! So I'll start off with the highlight of the week was teaching the tasty cook people. We eat at this one place called Tasty Cook and we eat there all the time... so we have become friends with the people that work there. So I guess that they learned before and they weren't really interested and didn't want to learn anymore. But, that's just what we heard... so while we were there for lunch one time, there was a lady sitting in there and she asked us if we were peace core. We always get asked this and it's awesome because then we get a chance to tell them who we really are. So we talked to her for a minute and then she had to go. But the worker lady at Tasty Cook was sitting there listening. She then came up and told us she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. I said no we aren't and then asked her if they had met with the missionaries before. She said no! False info from the missionaries before! But it's all good. So we talked with her for a minute, gave her a first pamphlet and told her to read it. When we went back she had read it and had a bunch of questions! So we sat again and had a little lesson and ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. Sadly things have slowed down as they work all the time and have no free time but we will try and make something work. But that's the highlight! And the best part is they make some great curry chicken so it's always a good visit...
Besides that, the week went on as a normal one. Roger still doing great. Sadly we couldn't get to him this last Saturday but we visited last Thursday. He sadly didn't make it to church this week but hopefully next week. Then there is Salohy, the daughter of Dede and the sister of Jerry. We went and visited her last night and she is doing awesome. She also couldn't make it to church this last Sunday but she said she will be there for sure this next Sunday so that will be awesome. We are still working with Norianne on getting her legally married but Anitah and Adonis are still doing great. And Christian has returned, but we are having a hard time contacting him right now but we will find him this next week as we now know where he lives. When we met with him last he had a lot of questions about life which led us perfectly into the Plan of Salvation. Hopefully he can start improving with the lessons and stuff as we continue to teach him.

But the work here continues to go and go and go. Elder Snow and I are so lucky to get to work in this area because The Lord truly has his hand in this work and in this branch. I am still loving my time here in Fianarantsoa!
That's about it for this week. Sorry for not sending pictures but my camera is currently with the Young Single Adults as they are taking a trip to Ambositra and needed a camera. But Pics will come next week! (Correction, pictures did come in another email!!!)
Elder Bowen

BURNING clay heads!

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