Monday, September 5, 2016

WEEK 53 September 5, 2016 Year Mark! Mission life is the greatest life!

Year Mark! We have made it to a year everybody! So a year from last Friday I entered into the MTC to start my mission in Madagascar and now here I am! Awesome time so far. But this week was good. To celebrate it is tradition to burn a shirt which I did and had a coke.
It was a little slower this week sadly, for some reason a lot of people couldn't learn. We spent a lot of time going from appointment to appointment to find no one was home. Some good news from that is Christian came home! We were walking on this path to get to this family that we tracted into and we saw Christian. He was wearing some new clothes and he was way happy, slightly drunk... but anyway we saw him and he was way happy to see us and said he was ready for church tomorrow. Sadly he didn't show up this week but we still have our times with him this Tuesday and Friday so we will see this week.
Then we met up with Roger and Novey this week and we finished teaching the Plan of Salvation with them. Sadly Novey wasn't able to learn one of the times so still not done with him, but finished it with Roger and he said it makes a lot of sense. Being the stallion that he is, Roger showed up to church again. He is freaking awesome!
Highlight of the week was with Noriana and Anitah. So we taught them this week and sadly came to find out that Noriana is not legally married yet. We have to wait for her. We asked Anitah if she wanted to wait for her mom or get baptized and she said she wants to get baptized as soon as she can. Now, why was this the highlight of the week? Well when we were talking with Anitah to prepare her for the bapt interview we asked if she had any questions. She said no but then just said "I just want you guys to know that we have been wanting to get baptized for a long long time, but no one has ever asked until now." They live right across the church and I guess they have wanted to come for a while but never really got the invitation. They literally live right across the street from the church. That was a really good eye opening moment. So this next transfer we are going to work hard on getting Norian legally married. I know that everything will work out for them.
But coming to the year mark, I look back at the last year and see one of greatest years of my life. I absolutely can't wait to see what this next year has in store now that I can speak the language a little better than when I started... the mission life is the greatest life, it's a time to focus on others and see lives change. I love this mission and I absolutely love Madagascar. I know this church to be true and I know this gospel to be the gospel of Christ. There is no where else I would rather be right now because Madagascar is the place to be!
Elder Bowen

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