Monday, June 5, 2017

WEEK 92 Climbing Mountains-Dolphin Tale-Zone Conference!

Another great week in the Paradise of Fort D! So today we went and hiked up the mountain by Fort D and I sent a pic as to why it is named that. Look for the dolphin tail...

We had an awesome week this week. President Foote just came down and visited us and he left this morning to go back to Tana. As he was down here we had a zone conference. Elder Hunter and I talked about the importance of preparing ourselves spiritually and mentally for lessons. How we must study and prepare our minds to be influenced by the Holy Ghost. Then President talked a lot about how we need to look at ourselves before we try and correct others. If there are things we want others to be doing then we must be doing them first. Now this may sound easy if referring to a new investigator reading or keeping commitments, but it can also boil down to our efforts and desires in this gospel. If we want others to be exited and happy about it, we ourselves must be. 

Besides that, the week went great. We had an awesome lesson with this guy named Alen. He is kind of a punk but he is a cool guy. We had a pretty serious lesson with him talking about how important this is, and if he really wants the fullness of blessings he has to go all in. We committed him to coming on Sunday, again, and he didn't show up... until after Sacrament meeting started. Then he walked in! It was awesome! Besides him, we had our random dude come again and sadly we couldn't teach him this last week but we are going to try and catch him this week. Other than that, our other investigators and church members are still champions.

Well things are great here in Fort D! Lovin' the mission right now and I'm loving seeing the work of God's hand here in Madagascar. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bowen

Our Hiking group!
  Fort Dauphin is Paradise!



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