Monday, June 12, 2017

WEEK 93 Dadi Love-Splits-Fresh tracting

Another great week in Paradise. This week flew by. At the end of the week we had a famous Malagasy singer named Dadi Love come to Fort D with another guy named Willy. There were all other kinds of activities for Malagasies to do so it slowed the work down slightly... we went from house to house for some of our scheduled times to find out that people were at the concert or were at one of the other things. then come Sunday we had a crazy low attendance. Talking to people we found out that due to the rain and Dadi Love, they couldn't come to church... pretty valid. But, regardless of the party weekend, we had a pretty good week.

We decided to drop a couple of people this week which opened up the program to get some fresh meat. So we went tracting and actually found some awesome new families.

We also went on splits with Elders Blatter and Parraga and I got to go into another area with Elder Parraga! Work is going great in all the areas here in Fort D so it was a great split to get to see how awesome the work is going in another area.

Sadly, we got dogged by some of the people I've kept you updated on so no news from them but next week Indray! Here are some awesome pics from the week! 

The view from a restaurant

                                                                         Our hike!
  Incredible View



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  1. Hello! I happened upon your sons blog and wondered if it would be ok to reach out to you? My son just got called to the same Madagascar mission as your son and I would love to talk to you somehow if you don't mind:). Are you from Utah by chance? My email is, please email me if you have time, I am so excited to learn all I can about this amazing place my son will be going!