Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WEEK 94 Nandeha lakana izahay!

Well another great week has come and gone here in Paradise. We had a great week this week. So highlights of the week were as follows.

So Elder Allen and I had a split this last Saturday. I took him into my area and we had a great day. So we have this family that has really been progressing. The only thing holding them back from baptism is that they aren't legally married. They are working on that and are getting close to having it done. We had a great lesson reviewing the Plan of Salvation. We talked about our purpose here on earth and the Atonement and it just clicked for them. It was great! 

We have this other family. They were contacted right before I got here and the lessons have been going great until about two weeks ago. They have dogged us a couple of times and when I was with Allen we got dogged by someone else and I got the impression we should go stop by this family. So we did and we got to talk to the mom. She told us that she has been really busy with work lately and that the kids are preparing for a big exam and they haven't been able to learn lately. I asked her if we could stop by Sunday night and talk. She didn't seem to really like that so she said no but then I told her we would help out with their work (grading papers and what not) so then she said yes. We (Elder Hunter and I) stopped by Sunday night just with the intention of dropping by really quick so we wouldn't bother. We came in and they sat us down and we had a nice discussion. We ended up teaching them a lesson on the Word of Wisdom. We came to find out that the daughters had been reading the whole time and they have kept up on their commitments. We had a great lesson and they had plenty of questions but it ended with them commiting to try and start living the Word of Wisdom. 

Pictures this week are from the little zone activity we took. President Foote approved a little canoe trip up a shallow river to these four mountains. I have sent some pics of the mountains before so you may remember them... so we got this guy to take us. He shows up at our house like 30 minutes after he was supposed to meet us and he is just hammered. So drunk that he couldn't walk strait. Luckily a drunk man doesn't have a whole lot of influence on a canoe, especially if he is fighting to stay awake. But we rode out, walked around and saw some beautiful blue water, awesome beaches, and then headed on back.
Elder Bowen


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