Monday, June 26, 2017

WEEK 95 - ndao isika manao fety

Another great one! So we got some early transfer news today. For my last transfer we are combining two areas. My old area and another Fort D area. Let me tell you it is a work load. Both areas had pretty full programs and now we have to merge them together somehow! But it will be a good time!

Oh and today is the Madagascar Independence Day so we are hopefully going to go see some cool things today. Last night we watched the fireworks from our house and today we are going to see them march and later hopefully hit up the surf competition. 

We were pretty busy this week trying to get everything together and saying goodbye to Elder Francom who just went home. We actually had a pretty packed program just due to everyone wanting to feed us but it was a good time having some interesting dinners... but the work is going better than ever. We have quite a few couple that are getting their papers all in order so they can get legally married so we are just waiting for that. Most of them are coming to church and the ones that don't usually can't attend due to work but everything is getting worked out. 

We actually have this one family that we always mess around with because we walk by them many times a day and they are sellers on the street. We found out they are related to some members and have been trying to get them to come to church for a while and they finally came yesterday! It was awesome! 

So a lot of the work recently has been Elder Allen (new comp) and I trying to figure out ways to put our programs together so we can fit everyone in. Also trying to figure out who people are at church haha. We have a long list of recent converts we have to keep track of but luckily there is a dope member that is preparing for a mission and he helped us out a lot. This week should be a fun week packed full of many many lessons. 

The highlight of the week was sitting in church during the sacrament. It was quiet and I got to watch the deacons pass the sacrament while listening to the wave's crash on the beach right behind me as the cool breeze came in from the open window right behind my head. To top it off it's during the sacrament so the spirit is stronger than ever. You ever want to find Paradise, come on down to
Fort D. 
Elder Bowen


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