Monday, February 8, 2016

WEEK 23 Feb 8, 2016 Total 5 lessons in Analakely-"Street Boarding"-Christ's name on our lips

Another great week! So the lesson count continues to go up! This week started out good, lots of tracting and tracting, up and down stairs and hills... but it was fun! We landed a couple of return appointments which we visited later in the week and they let us in! It was great!
Then the week continued, we had an awesome zone meeting and then continued our search for the diligent. Friday was the exiting day where we went on splits with the zone leaders. We were assigned with Elder Coleman who came with us and we all taught 5 lessons! That is unheard of in Analakely!
It was a great day as we taught this one guy named Tery.   As we left he said come back later and there will be more people to teach. We came back and he had a room full of these guys to teach! Way sweet! Then we went and picked up our member help and went to teach Raymond, a new investigator. It was really weird teaching with four people but a lot of hands make for a light load. We just sat in a line and taught one by one. Way great lesson and he said he wants us to come back! Then we headed over to our investigator Lalaina. He has been struggling with the acceptance that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and gave him a little bit of homework. He needs to read and then pray and ask if its true. He needs to want to know if its true and he needs to have faith he can receive an answer. It is going to be great following up on him!
Saturday we had a way sweet activity. We did some 'street boarding'! So we put a bunch of pictures on a white board and put it up and talked to the people that came over to look at it. We had some awesome help from the ward where they were running over to people to try and get them to come look. One of the people we talked to actually came to church yesterday! Way nice!
So that pretty much sums up the week. Something I have personally been trying to do is always end with the lesson focusing on Jesus Christ. Our goal is always have Christ's name on our lips. Always be testifying and teaching of Him. It is a surprise to some people that we believe in and love Christ, but that is the truth. We love him and he is the reason we are out here serving. I couldn't ask for a better place to be serving!
Today for Pday we are playing soccer with the ward members. The language is getting way better. Next week are transfers already!

Elder Bowen

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