Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WEEK 24 February 16, 2016 Baptism-Gospel is True, I can feel it!-Elder Knight new companion

Great Week! This week was great but a little slower than the last week. We had some lessons with some investigators and did a lot of tracking. Some investigators aren't really progressing and they are having a harder time, but we have a gem investigator who just go baptized!
 So this last Saturday Fanantenaina got baptized! Great baptism and she has a great testimony. That is something we have been talking about this past week about how important it is for our investigators to have a testimony. At our district meeting, our district leader was talking about baptismal interviews.
The interview goes over all of the lessons and sometimes they may not know too much only one or two things. The most important question that Elder Hammer asks them is how they know this church is true. They may say, "oh because Joseph Smith was a prophet. Then he will ask them how they know that this statement is true. They will respond, "umm, because God called him to be a prophet. He will say, "ok, yes, but how do you know that to be true?" The greatest answer is when they say, "honestly I can't tell you with words, I just feel like it is true. I prayed and just got the feeling it is true. THAT's CORRECT! That's what we are looking for!
You can't logic out the truthfullness of the restoration of the gospel. You can try but it all comes down to receiving the answer from God. Fanantenaina is great and she knows the church is true because of this.

So besides that, the week wasn't too eventful. Most of our investigators were gone so we didnt teach too much this week but we did visit members. which reminds me of transfers! Elder Tiu is leaving and I am staying and getting Elder Knight! he is two transfers ahead of me. Really exited to work with him. A great week ahead! 
Elder Bowen 

Saying Goodbye to Elder Tiu

Our NEW PET.....named....?

Our Bishop and 2 nd Councilor

SNICKER time....what a treat!!!


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