Monday, February 22, 2016

WEEK 25 February 21, 2016 Elder Lake and Elder Knight-almost bump!

This past week we have been on splits with Elder Lake since his companion hasn't gotten here yet so it has been me, Elder Knight from Oklahoma and Elder Lake which is waiting for his trainee who is from South Africa but having Visa problems.  My new companion cooks like a king! I feel like a chump now as I just cook noodles. but hopefully will get better at cooking and he is way cool.  Nice to have that area of Ankorandrano.  We have been working with less actives this week in our area but have mainly been focusing on Elder Lake's area since he has a decent amount of investigators. This is a hard area but it will get better soon. 
  This last week was really fun and funny, just lots of things to laugh at! Mom in talking about your upcoming lesson on the pre earth life, let me think. Well of course there is plenty to learn and teach about it. I would go to preach my gospel and read over the section about it, and maybe even the whole plan of salvation because to understand one part you have to understand how it fits in with the others. We usually talk about how we were just spirits and our Father in Heaven wanted us to get bodies so we could return and live with him. Then, there is the plan of Satan and the plan chosen by us. The plan of Satan is to take away our agency and that is why it is so important to stay away from drugs and addictive substances because those choices take away our agency. We also talk about how he loved us so much that he would give us a Savior to save us and that we shouted for joy when hearing this because we knew and we know that without a Savior we wouldn't be able to return. Hence the importance of the sorompanavotana (atonement). Good luck on teaching it!

In the mornings we have a good work out.  Seems like my prayer time is much longer now and I am now trying to do every one of them in the language.

 My mission is going by so fast as I have been out almost 6 months .,.. my first bump!  I think it is going to go by even faster now.  I haven't received the other two packages but there seems to be problems with the mail. Hope you guys have a great week! love you!

Elder Bowen 


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