Monday, January 2, 2017

WEEK 70 HaPpy NEw YeAr!

Another great one in paradise..... So this week was a little slow due to the New Year parties but it was still a good week!  We started the week with office couple missionaries coming down to Fianarantsoa to visit and that kind of took up the whole day haha, but then the following days consisted of us going to our investigators houses to find out they couldn't learn because they weren't there or there was a party haha. We went tracting for a decent amount of time spreading the gospel for the New Year. We tracted into a decent amount of new people that we will follow up on this next week and hopefully will get a good new pool of investigators coming. But the New Year was crazy!
So New Year celebration we went to a dinner party with our branch president and then headed home. We chilled at home and the power kept going off. So I walked out onto the balcony and looked out and all of Fianarantsoa was dark! Then off in  the distance I saw the power come back on and then it got closer and closer and closer till it reached us and our power was back on! Then it cut again... so it was like that all night. Cut then back then dark then light. But the next day there was no one out... I was pretty surprised to see so many people at church since we switched times to 8 in the morning instead of the usual 10. but it was awesome. Here are some pics from the party! 
 I hope everyone had a great New Year. It is a great time to reflect on the old year that just passed and see the things we want to change and improve in our lives. Time to look forward to another year of greatness!

Elder Bowen

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