Monday, January 23, 2017

WEEK 73 Ambohimanarina!!! (name of where I have been transfered!)

So for those wondering what that weird word is in the subject, which is the name of my new area!!! So I got transfered and finally arrived last Monday night. My new comps name is Elder Lingani and he is the best. He is from South Africa and speaks like all the languages in Africa so he is a language machine. He is awesome and we get along great. As far as this week goes it was a lot of meeting new faces and learning new names. We had a great week of working and we taught many many new families as we tracted them out but we had some way cool lessons with some investigators. We walk a lot here and ride the bus to the further houses.  I live with 5 elders and we are doing some awesome cooking.

So there is this guy named Salim (I think that's how it's spelled but I'm not too sure) and he is a Muslim. But he has been learning... and attending church, our large branch... and attending the activities. Yeah he is on the right track. At church last Sunday the lesson in the investigator class was about the Atonement. The teacher gave a brief comment about the steps in repentance and said that if the people didn't already know about it they could ask the missionaries. We went to teach Salim and his family and he asked about repentance. He seemed very interested in the fact that God could forgive us of even our worst sins if we truly repented, which has some very specific required steps. At the end of the lesson he told us that he is currently working on getting officially married to his wife and then he wants to be baptized. YES! When I first got here I thought he was a member due to how much he helped out with all the branch stuff but he is just a super dope investigator. 

That was the highlight of the week. Still working on everyone's names but I should have them all down next week! We teach a lot of times in this new area though. Tract a lot and teach a lot! Good missionary work! This week we have a meeting with the stake president about missionary work and we have the missionary broadcast. Should be a good week! And we have a family getting baptized this Saturday! The work just keeps going! I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Bowen
                                                                   Our church building
                                      Elder Lingani, my new companion the language machine

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