Monday, January 9, 2017

WEEK 71 Transers this week, leaving Fianarantsoa.

karakory ma fianakaviako!
Another great week! This week was the week of recovery from the New Year party, which lasts the whole week here in Fianarantsoa. Everything was closed for a couple days but no one was home! It was way weird. We ended up tracting into some good new people.

Here are the highlights of the weeks lessons:
We had a great time with Salohy (investigator) and Jerry (recent convert) about the Plan of Salvation. Salohy will be getting baptized this month and we have started reviewing all of the lessons with her. We talked about the life before this one and the reason we came to earth. A great example was shared proposing that this life is like a school. We go to school to learn from our teacher, who is already knowledgable on what we are learning and will help us. Christ is the teacher and we are the students. He came to earth to set the example for us which we follow. As we do something wrong we are corrected and forgiven.

Then another great time was with our other investigator named Menja. We have been teaching her the Plan of Salvation and this last week we wrapped it up. Then we talked about baptism with her and about going to church.  She told us that she already knew that the Book of Mormon was true, she just wanted to wait for a little before making this big change in her life. She recognized that God has answered her prayer about the book and now she was asking for time to pray about baptism.
We should have some more baptisms on the 21st of this month but I'm not too sure I'll be here to see them... so we don't really know when I'm leaving but we know that I'm leaving this week as President Foote will be down here picking up some missionaries. So we started saying goodbyes this week! And this next week will be full of goodbyes! Next week, one week from today I should be emailing from a new place in Madagascar! Here are some pictures...

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