Monday, January 30, 2017

WEEK 74 January 30, 2017 Internet down, baptism for family of 5

This week I received am email from Sister Woolley who recently returned from her mission in Madagascar explaining difficulties with internet service:

"This is Sister Woolley for President and Sister Foote, writing from my home in Provo (She just returned home from their mission in Madagascar).  Apparently, an underwater cable has been damaged in the Indian Ocean which has taken out Telma, the phone and internet provider in Madagascar.  The consequence of this is that your missionaries will not have access to email either to receive or send until the repairs are made which may be as long as 15 days.  President Foote was afraid you would be concerned when you didn't hear from your missionaries this week, and ask me to send an explanation."

Sister Woolley

Elder Bowen email today #1:

"no still not fixed internet. Getting on really quick while at the office to let you know that I won't be emailing today! And possibly not next week either but we will see!"

Elder Bowen email today #2:

"hey, so I'm assuming you already know about the whole internet thing. Luckily I'm here at the church so I can email really quick. Nothing too special this last week except for a baptism of a family of 5! And that was the highlight of the week! Also my comps birthday which was full of eggs and flour, it's traditional! Till next week! We will see if I can get on next week but if not just know I'm still alive haha

Till next week....

Elder Bowen

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