Monday, July 3, 2017

WEEK 96 vita ny fety

Another great week! So this week was pretty busy since it was our first week together. It took a lot of planning to be able to merge together our two programs but we seemed to get it done. It made for a quick and busy week walking to and from times, we were like olympic speed walkers. But we did see some awesome miracles this week.

There is this one guy named Fridais who lives in Elder Allens old part of the area. I guess that he had connected them and wanted them to come teach him. He caught on right away and was talked to about coming to church. He wanted to but the only problem was that he had to work on Sundays. But he said that if it's the true church, then God will help him find new work. When Elder Allen and I went back to him yesterday he said he received an answer to his prayer. He found a new job! It's not all set in stone but he says he thinks it will work out. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he is very exited to get one as soon as we get more down here in Fort D. 

In other news we have a baptism coming up! We had the baptismal interviews done yesterday and the baptismal service will be held this Saturday. We have a brother and sister getting baptized and their father will be baptizing them. Awesome stuff!

Well this week we found a couple more new investigators. We keep finding some awesome people but a lot of them aren't married according to the law. Some of them aren't even married according to the culture, so for some families we have to wait for the cultural thing to be done and then they will get it legally. Sadly, the cultural way requires so much money to get it done so that's why no one does it! We are still waiting for a lot of our investigators to get married and then as soon as that is done they are ready to get baptized. That's about it for this week. another great one to look forward to! 

pics from the chicken fight we saw...

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