Monday, July 17, 2017

WEEK 98 kely is insane, 29 investigators at church!

So another great week comes and goes! We had some great times this week. It seems like we are starting to get our program figured out now which makes for a lot of teaching times in a little amount of time which is great! This last week we had some awesome stuff happen.

We had these investigators that we hadn't seen in a while. Every time we went to stop by they weren't home until this last week when I stopped by and talked to the wife. She said that the husband has been really busy with his work. We made an appointment time with them and visited them. We talked to the husband and he said he has been wanting to go to church and take the lessons from the missionaries but he couldn't due to his work. He said the task that they were doing is completed and they can learn by coming to church now. Well we were at church and we didnt see them... so we didn't think they were there until I went to their house to talk to them and they said church was awesome! I was way surprised! They said they came in with the huge amount of people that come in after the sacrament and then they left after sacrament meeting and that's why we didn't see them. But they were so happy they could make it to church yesterday! Then we visited them and we have a set program to visit and teach them. Awesome people!

This week in finding investigators we found an awesome new family. Talking to them last night we figured out the guy is good friends with our branch president! Perfect! They were way nice and we plan on teaching them this upcoming week. 

Also we have this one guy who we have been teaching for a while and we talked to him about baptisms this last week. He said that he and his buddy, that we have been teaching, both want to get baptized. We found out that he isn't legally married to his wife so he needs to take care of that but we found out that he has his birth certificate here and so does his wife, so it should be pretty easy to get that done but we will see... 

Things are going great here. The work is insane! ...and it just keeps getting better and better! Our program is packed and yesterday we had a whole 29 investigators at church... quite a lot to keep track of but we manage it haha. This church is so great for these people and their faith in Christ is changing them as it is changing me. I love it here!

The picture this week was from this morning. I didn't have any pictures to send home until I looked out the window this morning... enjoy... !!!
Elder Bowen

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