Monday, July 24, 2017

WEEK 99 Surprise baptism!!!

Well we had a great week this week... and by the title I'm guessing you all want to know what the surprise baptism was...

So two weeks ago we found out that one of our investigator couples split up. They were never legally married so they were just a boyfriend and girlfriend living together. The plan was to wait a year for the girl to turn 18 and then they would get married and could get baptized. Now the guy is named Solo and he was a very diligent investigator and he had been learning for a while. When they split up we were walking to his new house and he told us right there that he wanted to get baptized. He said that he knew that since he wasn't living with his girlfriend anymore that he could get baptized. We talked with him about it for a bit and decided to set the date in August. Then we went over to his house on Thursday and he said that he wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. He wanted to get baptized that Saturday. So it was a little close but I told him I would call President and ask if we could have a baptism on Saturday. Luckily the other branch was having a baptism and President Danielson gave us the green light to baptize him. Well he passed the interview on Friday, got baptized on Saturday, and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. So Solo is now one of the newest members in Fort Dauphin! 

So that is the story of the week. I have pictures too so you'll see those. 

So down here in Fort Dauphin there is a big exam going on right now. It's basically the equivalent of graduating high school but there are a lot of people who don't pass and retake it so this year there are a lot of people taking it. Some of which are investigators and members. So we have this one investigator that has been coming to church on and off for a while and he has been pretty good about coming these past couple of weeks.  Well after church he received a priesthood blessing to prepare for the big exam. We didn't get to see him after as we were pulled aside for something else but we stopped by his house later that day. We talked to him about the blessing and about preparing for the big exam. He said the blessing was awesome and he feels calm and ready to take this big exam. It was so great to hear that he felt the power of the priesthood. We hope that he will continue to remember that and we hope that it will continue to help him recognize this is the true church. 

Well that's about it for this week. There is currently a screaming baby in here right now and every time the dad turns her to look at us she stops crying. Then she turns away and starts crying again. Either she is so afraid of us or we look very friendly. Either way we are the cure to a crying baby. 

Enjoy the pics! 


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